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About Us

It All Started with Simply Curiosity

A few years ago...

We adopted a stray cat and it changed everything.

We fell in love.

We are now a big FAMILY with over than 20 purr friends.

We realized there are still some of our little friends lacking in love.

Lacking affection and proper care.

We simply want to share things that give our purr friends HAPPINESS.

Because Sharing Is Caring

We simply want to share our LOVE.

Providing high quality and affordable products.

This is for our little friends out there.

Every bit of HAPPINESS matters.

For YOU and our little friends

We are just like YOU !

From cat Lovers

To other cat lovers

We LOVE these products

We've used these product

Now we want to share them with you!

Because YOU and I do CARE.

Simply Cat Stuff
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