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Matatabi (またたび)

Came from the land of Sakura, Matatabi brings Happiness for your cats. Natural texture with gentle and fragrant aroma will please every species of Felines. The magical organic compound, "Actinidine" will act as stimulant that elevates the feel of joy for your cats. Perfectly safe and healthy, contains vitamin, mineral, and also good for your cats dental care.

The Cuddle Fish

The long awaited dream where fishes and cats are friends is here. Perfectly soft and safe Fish shaped plushy, stuffed with organic and natural Japanese catnip to enhance the cuddle experience for your cats. Refillable and comes with a lot of variants. Unlimited fun experience for your cats.

The "Manely" Cat Outfit

Transform your cute and adorable little kitty to a mighty and "Manely" beast. Comes with soft and comfortable materials for your cats. "Purrfect" for your cats daily walk or weekend party to boost confidence and showing dominance. A "Manely" cat is a Happy cat.

The Fancy Cat Tie

Suit up your cats for the upcoming meeting and dinner date with fancy and stylish looking cat tie only for you. All materials are designed for style and comfort in mind. Keep it simple and be confident because you are a true gentlemen out there. Comes with different varieties and size for your needs.

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