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Matatabi (またたび)

From the land of Sakura, Matatabi brings Happiness to your cats. A natural texture with a gentle and fragrant aroma will please every species of feline. The magical organic compound, "Actinidine", will act as stimulant that elevates the feeling of joy for your cats. Perfectly safe and healthy, it contains important vitamins, minerals, and is also good for your cats dental care.

The Kitty Sombrero

Grab the Kitty Sombrero and get ready to hang out with your friends in classic Mexican style. Hand knitted with straw, organic traditional material with colorful design to keep it simple and stylish. Get ready for the exciting sunny day at the beach! Perfect to celebrate your summer party.

The Banana Kitten Bed

Have you ever dreamed that your kitten would sleep inside a banana? Give your cat sweet dreams by letting them sleep in this cute and comfy bed. Designed with comfort in mind to make your little friend sleep safe and sound. Looks like a real banana, fluffy, and cozy!

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